Removalists can make it easier to move into a storage unit

Recommended Removalists

Sydney & Queanbeyan/ACT

Need help with moving? If you are not taking advantage of our Free Truck & Driver Move-in service, or free trailer and you’d like some professional assistance to pack and move into storage, here are some removalist companies to consider.

No one values your possessions as much as you do, but having professionals pack and move your items into storage can take away so much of the stress.

These removalists are regularly used by our self storage customers, so you might like to call some in your area and get a quote. Rent a Space Self Storage has provided their details at your request, but we do not endorse or guarantee their work. 

Here are a few tips to be sure your move is a positive one:

Regardless of the company you choose, you should check their references, insurance, rates and what other customers have said about their service. Here’s a few other questions that you might like to ask:

  • Is it a flat fee or will you be charged by the hour?
  • If it's hourly, does that include driving time from the depot to your property and back, or just packing and unpacking the truck?
  • Is there a call-out rate, and if so how is it charged?
  • Will you be charged more if the move takes longer than expected or access to the property isn't easy? Will heavy or bulky items or stairs add to the cost?
  • Will your move be subcontracted out? If so, who will be doing the work?
  • Is the removalist an AFRA member

We wish you a smooth move. See you at your storage unit soon.

The Removalist List

These are the rare few who made it!

Some of our customers rave about the good old-fashioned service and honesty of these removalists. We don't take or make commissions to or from these companies and highly recommend making your own enquiries but we're quietly confident they'll do a good job.


Southern Sydney Removalists


Jaguar Removals

Tony Chidiac

0416 475 195


Quickstep Removals

Paul Gleeson

0498 069 919


Southside Removals

Tyson Bettini

0408 244 144


Hudson Removals

Natalie Hudson

02 9526 5882


Engadine Removals

Ryan Morris

 02 9548 6156


Western Sydney Removalists


Applebee Movers

David Mihajlovski

1300 671 436


Western Movers

John Howard

0425 272 315


Jaguar Removals

Tony Chidiac

0416 475 195


On Time Removals

Aram Yousif

02 8729 2609

0498 198 198


AJD Removals

 Antwon Davis

0402 661 747


MKY Removals

MK Younes

1800 683 608


Quickstep Removals

Paul Gleeson

0498 069 919


No Limits Removalists

1300 609 117


Little Green Truck


0468 919 700


BTE & Sons Removals


0481 342 392


North Sydney & Northern Beaches Removalists


Moove Services

Fabio Santana

0409 662 599


Move For Me

Jason Zenati



Pro Moves

Douglas Furlanetto



Little Green Truck

George Germanos

0452 547 336


Inner Sydney & Eastern Suburbs Removalists


Moove Services

Fabio Santana

0409 662 599


Jaguar Removals

Tony Chidiac

0416 475 195


Softmove Removals

Simon Gurney

0432 079 095



Queanbeyan & ACT Removalists


Back2Back Removals

Adam De Franceschi

0448 124 703