Choosing the right size storage unit

Guide to storage unit sizes and how much fits inside

Not sure how large storage units really are and what will fit in each one? This handy guide will help you visualise their space and choose the size to best meet your needs.

Rent a Space offers many storage unit sizes, designed to suit both personal and business purposes. There are multiple sizes available within a category, to ensure you only pay for the space you need.

Our storage units are conveniently compared to a standard garage - which includes these categories:- a quarter garage, half garage, three quarter garage, single garage and an oversized garage. Smaller storage units are comparable to a standard closet, pantry or walk-in wardrobe.

Sizes and configurations vary at each of our locations, so we suggest you phone us, or pop into your closest Rent a Space storage centre to view the size you are considering or check out the current sizes available using our Instant Quote. All our storage units are alarmed, secured by the lock you provide and you keep the keys.


Living room items prepared for storing
Furniture wrapped for storage

Don't pay for more storage space than you really need

The amount of storage space you need depends on what the items are, their size and the number of items you need to store.  For example, a four bedroom house will generally need a single garage sized unit or larger.

There is a fine balance between too large, too small and just right.

The first thing to do is to consider how many rooms of furniture and belongings you need to store. Is it one, two or three bedrooms or more? Is it a house or an apartment? Is it just furniture or are there going to be boxes and bags of items as well?

Would your items fill a quarter of a garage? Half a garage or three quarters of a garage? Or a single garage?

Need larger than a single garage? We have extra-large storage space about the size of one and a half garages for households of 4 or more bedrooms.

Regardless of its size, an efficiently packed storage unit will save you money. Boxes can be neatly stacked to utilise the vertical height of the unit's walls. Furniture that can stand on its end or be stacked will also save space. 

If you need to retrieve items stored in your unit regularly, its a good idea to leave an isle or corridor through your storage unit to allow easy and convenient access to your goods. This may mean going up a size to a slightly larger unit.

Bulky and oddly shaped items will take up more space, so keep that in mind as you may not fit in as much as our size guide indicates.

Small Storage Units

Storage Lockers

Our lockers are small, cube-like spaces (usually 1m high x 1m wide x 1 m deep =  3m3). They are commonly used to store small personal belongings, seasonal clothing or decorations, archive boxes, paperwork and files. They are also ideal for student who need to store books, computers and equipment between semesters.

Self Storage Locker Units Closed
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Cupboards and Small Closets (2m2 to 4m2)

Cupboard size storage units are approximately 2 to 2.7m2 and are about the size of pantry or broom cupboard. Their compact size makes them ideal for storing sporting equipment, bikes, skis and fishing and camping/outdoor gear, documents and small household items.

Small closet units (3-4m2) are comparable to the size of a walk in wardrobe or study nook. Items commonly stored in these types of units include the contents of a one bedroom or studio apartment (including a single size mattress and a desk and chair).

Self Storage Unit Cupboard Size Open

Quarter Garages (4m2 to 7.5m2)

To cater for a variety of needs, quarter garage sized spaces range from approximately 4 to 7.5 square metres. 

Equating to the size of an average room, it is ideal for storing the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, or the contents of a room in your home that you might be painting or renovating. It can generally fit a double size mattress, flat screen TV and stand, 2-seater couch or single armchair, bedside tables and some small items of furniture.

A quarter garage unit (usually with hinged doors) is also ideal for businesses needing to store items equivalent to approximately 4 pallets of goods as stacked boxes. You can also install shelving units if required.

Self Storage Units Orange Swing Doors
4.5m2 Open and Closed Self Storage Unit

Medium Storage Units

Half Garages (7.5 to 10m2)

A half garage, or medium-sized storage unit ranges from 7.5-10m2 and is a space suitable for storing the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment or 2 bedroom house, including a king or queen bed and mattress, living room furniture, entertainment centre, appliances like washers, driers and refrigerators and several boxes of clothing and household items.

If you need storage for business purposes, a medium storage unit will comfortably store the equivalent of 6-8 pallets of items. This size is ideal for home businesses and small businesses needing a short or long term storage for seasonal stock in advance of Christmas, Back to School, Valentine’s Day and other key retail periods. Some of these units have roller doors but most are hinged (varies according to location).

Rent a Space Marsden Park 10m2 Self Storage Unit

Large Storage Units

3/4 garage (10.5 to 15m2)

A 3/4 garage sized unit ranges from 10.5 to 15m2 and will comfortably store the contents of a 3 bedroom house including king and queen mattresses and beds, lounge, armchairs and dining room sets, major appliances, entertainment centre including TV and TV stand, musical equipment and piano, boxes of clothing, household items, mirrors and pictures.

13.5m2 Quarter Garage Self Storage Unit Rent a Space

Single garage (15.5 to 20m2)

A single garage unit (approx. 15.5 - 17.5m2) is ideal for a 3-4 bedroom house. It is spacious enough to store multiple sets of bedroom furniture, living room, dining room and outdoor furniture, exercise equipment, weights and treadmills, boxes and major appliances. Also suitable as garage space for a car, depending on the width of the vehicle and the configuration/width of the unit.

If needed for business storage, a single garage is ideal for 8 -16 pallets if they are stacked. It's also perfect for storing the tools, equipment and supplies regularly used by tradesmen like plumbers, electricians and building contractors. Driveway locations with roller doors offer maximum convenience for loading and unloading. We have a range of pallet jacks and trolleys for your convenience. A standard roller door is 2.4 metres high.

External Self Storage Unit 18m2 Single Car Garage
Rent a Space Oran Park Driveway Self Storage Units
Rent a Space Marsden Park 18m2 Single Garage Size internal Unit

Oversized garage (>20m2)

An extra-large storage unit is larger than a standard one car garage. About the size of one and half garages, they range in size from 18-27m2. These will comfortably hold the contents of 4 or more bedrooms, plus your home office furniture, family room lounges and furniture, kitchen table plus formal dining table and chairs. If it is located on a driveway, it can comfortably fit most cars, with space for some shelving behind.

Rent a Space Marsden Park 27m2 Double Garage Size Self Storage Unit

Warehouses (146 to 300m2)

Our commercial warehouses are conveniently located on the Great Western Highway in Girraween’s industrial precinct, handy to the M4 and M7 motorways, the Cumberland Highway and the Parramatta and Western Sydney corridors.

These range in size from 146m2 to 300m2 with high clearance roller doors (4.5m wide x 5.5m high). There is plenty of onsite parking and access for trucks, containers and delivery vehicles, with a designated container zone for pick up and drop off convenience.

Well-presented with generous space, some of our warehouses have two levels and are suitable for import or export businesses, or retail and wholesale businesses needing a separate showroom and office configuration. Others will suit office and warehouse configurations, offices only and other commercial applications that only require a single level. All are complete with kitchenette and bathroom amenities.

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